Creating Worlds of Fantasy

The process for any artist is so important. It's how we perform our magic. As we grow, our skills, our processes change and evolve, allowing us to create more intricate and beautiful designs. It's a sacred and beautiful thing, a meditative experience.

For me, it starts with a feeling or a simple idea that quickly finds it's way to any medium that allows me to sculpt. Sculpture is the most fulfilling part of the process. To take an idea and render it through my hands into something tangible always amazes me.

In order to share with the world my years of trial and error, mistakes and success with sculpture I found that production was the only way. So, I learned how to make molds and cast multiples. It's a messy, time consuming, essential part of the process and has empowered me as a maker more than I can say.

Then there's paint and finish. Hand painting small detailed casts is the last, but critical part of the creative process. Whether I'm spraying or hand painting (usually both), taking the time to honor the detail sculpted into the original design through color is what brings the art to life.

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